About Your LTC Resource, Inc.

Long-Term Care (LTC) services are designed to assist someone who is partially or completely unable to provide self-care due to an illness, an accident or the effects of aging.

At Your LTC Resource, Inc., we can help you and your family evaluate your long-term care options, including the right long-term care insurance plans or other long-term care planning tools, as well as short-term care, retirement planning, senior health insurance and home healthcare options.

“Protecting dignity, insuring choice” is not just a slogan for us at Your LTC Resource, Inc.; it’s Elise and Ed Roberts’ mission and way of doing business:


Elise Roberts is certified in Long-Term Care, and has over 23 years experience in the insurance and financial services areas. She was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky where she joined her father in 1988 to build a successful Insurance agency. An engaging public speaker, Elise now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Ed and their 3 children.

Contact Elise at Elise@YourLTCResource.com or at (317) 730-5336.


Edwin J. Roberts is a partner in Your LTC Resource, Inc. As a corporate manager with 28 years of progressive levels of responsibilities and experience, he knows the value of building relationships and providing superior service. Ed’s aerospace manufacturing background prepared him to address the analytical, fact-based details that underlie retirement strategies and long-term care protection. Ed lives in Indianapolis with his wife Elise and their 3 children.

Contact Ed at Ed@YourLTCResource.com or at (317) 730-5336.

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